Ms. Sevastine Katsakis

Sevastine (she/her) lives on Wurundjeri lands and pays her respects to the traditional owners of these lands. Sevastine is a clinical counsellor by background and holds a consumer engagement position with Healthy Trajectories.

She is experienced at recruiting, training, and enabling consumers with lived experience of disability to participate in research, across all stages of design, implementation and dissemination. Her work focuses on:

  • connecting with young people with disabilities and engaging their voices in research
  • improving mental health outcomes and overall well-being in children, adolescents, and young adults with developmental disabilities


Sevastine has cerebral palsy herself and uses this lived experience and understanding of disability to connect and empathise with young people and their families.

In her role, Sevastine coordinates and enables advisory committees and collaboration between young people with disability and research teams to maximise outcomes for people with disability and their families. She ensures that consumers are well-supported in their partnership with Healthy Trajectories, to add their voice and influence the direction of research.

Outside of work, Sevastine loves music, dancing, spending time with family and friends, travelling and just being in nature!

Sevastine is standing smiling in a rose garden on a sunny day, wearing a hat and sunglasses.
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