Easy to Read

Our Healthy Trajectory website may explain content in “Easy to Read” English.

This step is to help people understand the content. Visitors to the website who use this may be individuals:

  • who find English difficult
  • have English as a second language
  • experience learning disability, different processing needs or low literacy

These pages may also support older readers or individuals who have less time to interact with the website content.

Our Easy to Read pages will be clearly marked and use pictures on the left to help explain the text content on the right. We will highlight harder
words in a bold blue font and explain their meaning in easier language.

For comments on how we can improve this feature, please email: [email protected]

Easy to Read
Our website has easy to read sheets
This is to help people with
• learning disability
• processing needs
• low literacy

or people

• learning English
• who are older
• with less time
We do this to help you understand the content
The heading or subject will be at the top of the page and be in bold writing
We will use pictures on the left
words on the right
and explain any hard words
For comments on how we can make this better, email:
[email protected]
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