Ms. Catherine Bain

Community Representative, Economist and Public Policy Advisor

Catherine (she/her) is an experienced economist and public policy specialist with a particular interest in Australian disability policy and the NDIS. Catherine is currently working on the government review of the NDIS.

Before this, she was Policy Adviser to Healthy Trajectories, and also worked at the Productivity Commission for many years, including on the first review of NDIS Costs, as well as reviews of the National Disability Agreement and National Housing and Homelessness Agreement. She also has experience working at the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance.

Catherine is passionate about influencing disability policy in Australia, through evidence-based research and analysis and consultation with the sector, to ensure that it meaningfully caters for the needs of all people with disability, their families, and carers.

Catherine is an avid gardener who loves to grow her own produce to feed her family including her two young boys.

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Catherine stands in a lush backyard veggie patch, in a white t-shirt with Manhattan written on the chest in black. She smiles happily holding up cuttings of basil in amongst shoulder height basil, capsicum, and tomato plants.
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