Young People's Council Advisory Partner

What interests you about Healthy Trajectories?
I want to learn from other young people and from researchers. I want to share my perspectives and skills.

Why did you decide to join the Advisory Council?
I was interested in being able to share my lived experience in a way that influences change.

How do you like to spend your time?
I enjoy singing, playing wheelchair sports, and making Lego sets.

What talents and skills do you have?
I started an inclusive performing arts group and love working in groups and individually with other young people. I have assisted in research before as a research partner and have learnt a lot from those experiences. I pride myself on my communication and leadership skills.

A picture of Freya smiling at the camera while sitting in a wheelchair. She is lined up with a colourful mural on the wall that makes it look like she has wings and is sitting in a forest.
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