Ms. Nicole Merrick

Nicole is a post-doctoral research fellow with Healthy Trajectories working mainly in the Inclusive Education and Optimising Health research themes. She is also a physiotherapist and continues to work clinically in private practice on the days she is not working at Healthy Trajectories. Nicole’s PhD explored spinal cord injuries which occur due to a rugby union incident – many of which occur during adolescence. This included using community engaged methods to identify gaps in support after spinal cord injury, along with barriers and facilitators to quality of life and participation over the lifespan.


Inspired by her PhD research and clinical work, Nicole seeks to understand the priorities and needs of children with disabilities and their families and identify opportunities to improve health and participation for all. As a parent of neurodiverse children, she is also motivated by her experiences of challenges and barriers to inclusive education practice in Australia.


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Nicole is smiling while sitting on a moving fishing boat between two large fishing rods. The beautiful Fiji ocean is in the background.
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