Dr. Bridget O’Connor

Bridget (she/her) lives on the traditional lands of the Taungurung people in Strathbogie, Victoria. Bridget is a research fellow with the Healthy Trajectories team. Bridget has worked in the community in regional areas of Victoria and New South Wales as a physiotherapist. Her research interests are in understanding how service providers, services and systems can create environments that promote wellbeing and child development for families new to disability and the NDIS.

Through her PhD studies Bridget developed an understanding of how assessment is used and experienced by parents and therapists. This work resulted in recommendations for practice that enable parents and young people to be more involved in their assessment and decisions about their own health and future. Bridget uses these ideas in her clinical work with families of infants born very preterm or with neuro-developmental disability.

In her spare time Bridget enjoys bushwalking, cooking, gardening and caring for land, trees and wildlife on Taungurung Country.

Bridget sitting in her garden, drinking coffee.
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