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Healthy Trajectories welcomes opportunities to collaborate with practitioners to answer big questions and help find solutions to the challenges facing people with child-onset disability and their families.
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Current Opportunities:

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Healthy Trajectories places real value on the contributions to research that can be made by interested individuals with professional experience in child-onset disability. 

Our research agenda is aligned with findings from the National Disability Research Agenda setting process. We have projects underway in each of the following themes and programs of work: 

  • Participation Across the Life Course 
  • Consumer Research Partnerships 
  • Early Childhood Initiatives 
  • Family Wellbeing 
  • Optimising Health Outcomes 
  • Learning and Belonging 


Do you have an idea or question that falls within our program of work but do not know where to start with answering it? We’d love to hear from you and we actively invite collaboration. 

The goal of Healthy Trajectories is to conduct significant research and to amplify the messages of what is learned to increase the pace of change towards a more inclusive and equitable society for people with a disability. A key part of this work is learning from and reflecting on the experiences gained by professionals working in the field of child-onset disability. 

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