Young People's Council Advisory Partner

What interests you about Healthy Trajectories?
I am interested in contributing to and observing the long-term impacts of disability research on young adults with disability in Australia. I am hoping that these impacts will include improved access to leisure activities and therefore, an increase in vibrancy in communities that would benefit from a higher level of prevalence of this trait.

Why did you decide to join the Advisory Council?
I was interested in joining this group as I really like to contribute my ideas in relation to issues including those outlined above, and advocate for change within the broader community in relation to young adults with disabilities.

How do you like to spend your time?
I like to spend my time engaging with people and learning more about them. Additionally, I like to spend my time completing advocacy projects in relation to social issues about which I am passionate.

What talents and skills do you have?
I have various talents and skills, including, good communication and listening skills, a passion for person-centred work and well-developed research skills.

A picture of Rohan smiling at something in the middle distance.
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